It started with a question:
What is REALLY in my thyroid supplement?

ThyroVital was developed out of necessity by people just like you who know what it’s like to require genuine thyroid support. We went out to find it, and quite frankly… couldn’t!

When the search started to find a thyroid supplement free of thyroid harming ingredients like gluten, soy, dairy, goitrogens, immunostimulating herbs, colors, flavors, binders, preservatives, fillers and magnesium stearate, we found it a difficult task.

We also knew that in order for the body to absorb the ingredients, the nutrients had to be in certain forms. We didn’t want cheap oxides or other questionable ingredients, otherwise we were just wasting our money. We needed thyroid support that actually worked with premium bioavailable formulas.

Finally, trying to find the nutrient strength and the full nutrient spectrum for optimal thyroid support seemed near on impossible.

We simply could not find the best in thyroid support.
So we created it.

We are so proud to be able to help millions of people with ThyroVital and hope you will become one of them.